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We provide any poet who comes to our meetings with a sympathetic platform from which to read their work.  We do not criticise or analyse but offer an encouraging ear.

There is, of course, a warm welcome for those who come along to listen.

If you cannot visit us at our regular meetings at Benson Blakes in Bury St Edmunds at 7:30pm on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) then you will find us here at poetryaloud.org.uk.

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Poetry Aloud AGM reminder

Just a quick reminder about the AGM at 7.00pm this coming Tuesday, before our normal PA meeting.


  • Confirm existing and new committee members
  • Consider proposed progamme for the coming year: new reading group; repeat workshop on voice projection; 2nd Festival of Suffolk Poetry; guest reader & workshop; Christmas buffet (?)

Please try to be there from the start, if coming, so that we can rattle through as quickly as possible!

Rob Lock


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Letter To An Unknown Soldier

The following very interesting opportunity has come in. If you would like to write a Letter To An Unknown Soldier of the Great War, which will eventually be available in the British Library in perpetuity, this is your chance.

If you do take it up, it would be good to know how many of us do so. You could either let us know that you have contributed, or mark your letter as Poetry Aloud in the Organisation field. This would allow us to put a search to the 1418NOW.org.uk/letter website that would list your contribution.

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Poetry Aloud AGM

Our next meeting will be at Benson Blakes at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th July, and we will be having a brief AGM beforehand at 7.00pm

Sally Warrell is willing to continue as treasurer and I am willing to continue next year as chair/secretary if wanted but sadly Jen Overett is going to stand down from the committee due to other commitments.  So we need another committee member, and we could have another two.  Please don't be shy about putting your name forward if you are a regular member!

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New Play

Long standing members of Poetry Aloud will remember Jackie Carreira, who now writes plays with great success.  One of these - Talking in the Library - will be performed at Oakes Barn, in St Andrews Street South, in the last week of August.

Tickets: £8 / students £5.  To reserve tickets visit: www.quirkhousetheatreco.com or call: 01359 250716

Poetry on the Hour at Bury St Edmunds Library

Saturday 15 March 2014

Every time I announce that there are poets due to arrive for a peer group workshop, every normal person in the house heads for the safety of the pub and the disinfecting comfort of alcohol.  The poets get to hold their Poets Anonymous Self-help Group meeting uninhibited by the presence of restless, unsympathetic voyeurs.

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PA programme for 2014

Sat 31 May: Supporting SPS Festival of Suffolk Poetry at John Peel Centre, Stowmarket.  Readers needed for afternoon presentation.

Tues 29 July: AGM, 7.00pm, before the monthly meeting.

Meanwhile the regular events continue - meetings at Benson Blakes on the last Tuesday of the month and alternating editing/writing workshops on the second Tuesday: editing at Diana Banks home on 11 Feb.

Get in touch for more details...


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Cherry Pie and other poems by Sally Warrell - review

Cherry Pie is not a traditional English dish, nor are the poems in “Cherry Pie and other poems” traditional English poems, they are instead a very impressive collection of poems written by Sally Warrell, about life in the twenty-first century, I won't try to list the subjects covered, suffice to say that I have every confidence that any poetry lover will find poems in this collection worth their attention.

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Creative Writing Residential with Alice Oswald

The Sharpham Trust is developing a new residential creative writing programme hosted and led by award winning poet Alice Oswald, alongside other established guest writers. This is a unique and special opportunity to stay at Sharpham House and focus on your writing practice in a breathtaking, inspirational landscape.

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Hashtags - #Wow!

For all you Twitter freaks, we have now added #hashtags to #Poetry_Aloud.

Now you can go crazy categorising everything!


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