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We provide any poet who comes to our meetings with a sympathetic platform from which to read their work.  We do not criticise or analyse but offer an encouraging ear.

There is, of course, a warm welcome for those who come along to listen.

If you cannot visit us at our regular meetings at The Bay Tree Cafe in St John's Street, Bury St Edmunds, at 7:30pm on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) then you will find us here at poetryaloud.org.uk.

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Poetry this month

There won't be an editing workshop this month, but the reading group will be meeting at Martin and Judith's home on Monday 20th to share our enjoyment of R.S. Thomas's bleak but evocative poems, and we will have our usual session at The Bay Tree Cafe on Tuesday28th.  Both evenings kick off at 7.30.

Please contact Martin for more details about the reading group, or to let him know that you hope to attend - 01284 766691.

It would be good, as ever, to see you at one or both of these promising occasions.


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PA Meeting, March 2015

A dozen of us met at The Bay Tree on Tuesday to enjoy each other's poems and to welcome recent member Simon as poet of the month - a part that long standing member Chris will be playing in April!  In the second half we had a run through of most of the poems that will feature in our presentation at the SPS festival in May and were pleased to find that they fit comfortably into the available time.  At the end of the evening Jane and Mervyn were asked to re-read Frank and Creed, poems that had been particularly enjoyed.

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March Meetings

The Reading Group are due to meet at Martin's house at 7.30 on Monday 16th to enjoy Carol Ann Duffy's poetry.  Please let Martin know if you hope to be there - bjmhaydens@aol.com or 01284 766691.

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Editing workshop

The next editing Workshop will be held at Joe's (1 Hengham House, the Arc, Bury St Edmunds) on Tuesday 10 March at 7.30pm.  The aim is for the group to give and receive feedback on recent work.  Bring up to 6 copies of a poem you have been working on.

Please let Joe know if you will be coming along, or would like more information.
Contact workshop.poetryaloud@gmail.com or call 01284 724205.
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PA Meeting February 2015

11 of us gathered upstairs at the Bay Tree once more to share our poems with each other.  Our poet of the month was Derek who took us on an educational excursion into the world of the photographer among other things.  Several of us tried out our poems about significant places in preparation for the SPS festival.  Our next poet of the month will be Simon.

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Eavan Boland

A select quartet met on Monday to share a common enjoyment of the poetry of Eavan Boland.  We read and discussed a score or so of her complex, but not obscure, poems about family and Irish history, appreciating the precision of her observation and expression, and her admirable humanity.  The number of books by and about her that Martin and Judith had between them was very impressive, as were Cameron's anecdotes of his travels in Ireland!

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Bury St Edmunds Events

Poetry Aloud Posters

This post contains the current Poetry Aloud posters for you to download and print.

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