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We provide any poet who comes to our meetings with a sympathetic platform from which to read their work.  We do not criticise or analyse but offer an encouraging ear.

There is, of course, a warm welcome for those who come along to listen.

If you cannot visit us at our regular meetings at Benson Blakes in Bury St Edmunds at 7:30pm on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) then you will find us here at poetryaloud.org.uk.

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Passionate about reading?

If you are passionate about what you read, you may be interested in the message below.  There is someone who would like to hear from you!  Good luck to Michael with his project.

Hello – I found your group’s details in the Bury St. Edmunds library. I wonder if you can help me?

John Cooper Clarke at the Apex, Bury St Edmunds, Luke Wright supporting

John Cooper Clarke

Poet, Movie Star, Rock Star, TV & Radio Presenter. Comedian, Social & Cultural Commentator.
Tuesday 2nd December at 7.30pm

Tue, 02/12/2014 - 19:30
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October meeting - Halloween edition!

As our October meeting is, as ever, close to Halloween, it might be fun for us to bring along scary, spooky poems for the second half to see if we can send everyone home with their hair standing on end.

So that is your challenge – but don't worry if you can't manage a spooky poem, we will enjoy whatever you bring, as always.



Workshop 22 November: Presenting the Poem : tutor Danusia Iwaszco

Dani says: This workshop will focus on reading your poems in public. Volume, performance and connecting with your audience will all be covered. There will be some vocal excercises for the group, but most of the workshop will be spent delivering the poems as individuals.  

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Happy Poetry Days

Happy Poetry Day for today,October 2nd!  And there are more to come in the next couple of weeks:

Thursday 9th: Poetry in Performance, at Diss Corn Exchange, with Esther Morgan, Dean Parkin, Joanna Guthrie & Matthew Howard www.disscornhall.co.uk

Saturday 11th: Blake Morrison, Caroline Gilfillan & Tim Cunningham in Chelmsford www.essex-poetry-festival.co.uk

PA Meeting September 2014

Our new venue, the Bay Tree Cafe in St Johns Street, gave us a warm welcome and an intimate atmosphere in which to hold our meeting; for the most part no amplification was needed.  The turnout was slightly larger than usual, as people came to see how we would fit in our new home.  We welcomed 3 new readers, some old friends and listeners as well as the usual suspects for a selection of new work and readings from established poets.  

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Poetry Aloud at the Bay Tree Café

Poetry Aloud at the Bay Tree Café

This was the turn out at our first meeting at the Bay Tree Café on the 31st September 2014. Three new poets!

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Tackling Hopkins

The PA Reading Group got off to a good, tongue-twisting, start on Monday 22nd when Martin and Judith Hayden hosted a convivial evening devoted to the poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins.  Cameron Hawke Smith, Jenny Chantler and I were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed renewing our acquaintance with The Wreck of the Deutschland and those wonderful sonnets.  Cameron was pleased to find that he was the longest standing Hopkins fan with a Penguin edition that had cost him 3/6, as opposed to the 4/6 version that others of us had!

A New Song from Suffolk – by Anita Grimwood & Ronald Blythe

Trianon’s New Song from Suffolk

On Saturday 18 October in the tiny Suffolk village church at Little Horkesley, near the Essex border, members of Ipswich-based Trianon’s Choir and Brass Ensemble will perform an entertaining programme of songs and brass music from 16th-20th Centuries, including G. Gabrieli, folk songs from East Anglia and a Music Hall medley.

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