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The meeting of 28th July 2015 saw the first real changing of the guard at Poetry Aloud since the group began in 2008. There had been some adjustments to the running of the group since then such as when Paul Jenkins left to live in Wales, leaving Rob Lock to largely run the evenings himself.

Everyone understands that Rob's presence and character has set the tone of the group, but he had declared that he wished to stand down at the 2015 AGM, and so he did.

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Rob Lock Presentation

At the meeting of 29th September, a surprised Rob Lock was presented with a gift to mark his retirement as our Chairman.

He was given a year's membership to the Poetry Book Society.

Colin introduced the presentation with a (somewhat dodgy) poem:

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Poetry Aloud Posters

This post contains the current Poetry Aloud posters for you to download and print.

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Selected Poem

  • victor weston

    Hideously White Copyright © 2015 Victor Weston

    "People watching" on this fast train to Kings Cross
    Glancing uncritically at my fellow passengers, going to work
    From Cambridge