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Stones Signifying Acceptance

Sea Gooseberries on Caldey

These wavy wet lines delineate the bands of dampness

These wet wavy lines indicate
Just how far, what the extent is of an area of dampness
where the tide has washed in over the top
of this ever shifting shingle bank

Pushing with the force of the sea's ceaseless motion
driving scattering detritus randomly along the shore
seaweed flotsam & jetsam
discarded plastic cans wood

See how far the tide has come
what the event was of that last high tide
evidenced here
Whether rough or calm and the which more recently

Surf builds or destroys
According to
the moon tides & the wind
Sometime surging
Terrifyingly menacingly magnificently
As when one time ships were wrecked

now a site of beach-combing metal-detecting
finding semiprecious stones
shining in the wetness revealed by the suns rays
Where the sea the sand and the air meet

Copyright © 2014 Victor Weston
Stones Signifying Acceptance

An initiation into living by the North Sea Coast
is the collection and displays of flints
found on the beach
with holes naturally formed
that go right through

they’re small to large and every size in between
these may be assembled
and strung on a rope,
stones signifying acceptance
by the “unseen spirits” of the shore

The walking and the finding is a voyage of discovery
even a scientific adventure:
realising the formation of the stones -
by inserted tiny ones that
grind round and round, vortex like

literally wearing down the stones
like minute Henry Moores, waiting to be discovered
picked up, treasured
as forms of art
of the greater Art of the Cosmos

The happen-stance into which one finds them ...
from which may be assembled
one’s own ordered reality
strung, abacas vertebrae-like, a unique design
but a temporary intervention in the passing of millenia

Copyright © 2012 Victor Weston
Stones Signifying Acceptance read by Victor Weston
Sea Gooseberries on Caldey 

I sit waiting on the quay at Caldey
watching the tide ebb
leaving stranded sea gooseberries
on the wet concrete as the water recedes
I toss some of these bejewelled creatures back
into the welcoming clear turquoise waters
the light so strong on its moving surface
hardly a wave, so calm
not always at rest, but this
such an excellent morning for a crossing, a departing
a bidding farewells, and looking ahead
to the approaching future.

Copyright © Victor Weston 2012

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