On-line Zoom Meeting

Virtual Poetry Aloud Open Mic via Zoom
25th August 2020 at 8 pm.

If you wish to take part please let Sally Warrell know by Sunday 23rd August (see below).

Venue: a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone near you!

Our usual  Poetry Aloud open mic session but from the comfort of your own home!

The usual form of the meeting is that each poet gets to read two poems in the first half of the meeting, everyone then gets to read a third poem in the second half.

No-one is obliged to read a total of three poems. If you only have one or two then that is fine.

We do not read to themes. You are free to read about whatever you wish as long as it conforms to our values.

Anyone wishing to take part will need to contact Sally Warrell email:  sally77707@yahoo.co.uk  in advance so that she can include you when sending the invitation.
It would be helpful if people could download the Zoom.us app in advance to avoid having to do that when they attempt to join the meeting.  I will send out an invitation with a link which participants should click on at the appointed time, enter the password if prompted and wait to be admitted to the meeting. They might need to unmute themselves in order to be heard. 
The date and time of the meeting will be 25th August at 8 pm.
further information contact Sally Warrell email:  sally77707@yahoo.co.uk

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