How we roll

Submitted by Poetry Aloud on Tue, 21/07/2009 - 12:21

Poetry Aloud Website mission statement

This website has the same philosophy as the poetry reading group with which it is associated — to provide local poets with a sympathetic platform from which to read (or in this case narrowcast) their work.

We will include any poem that has been read to a public audience in Suffolk. Those submitting poems not read at the monthly Poetry Aloud meetings in Bury St Edmunds, should please state where and when they were read. The restriction to poems that have been read aloud will, we hope, encourage the art of performing live poetry, and also maintain a balance between a variety of writers.

We do not exercise editorial control beyond the usual ‛honest, legal and decentʼ proviso. This is because we seek to encourage new talent as well as providing a channel for more established writers to reach new audiences. A great variety of poetic forms will be found on the site and we anticipate that this may encourage poets, including traditionalists, to experiment in a greater range of contemporary approaches.

The website therefore provides a channel through which one can see (and in some cases hear) some of what is being written here in Suffolk, now. It is not judgmental. The judging can be done by you, the reader. There is a facility for commenting upon the poems included on the site, and that is where feedback can be given. We aim to offer a sympathetic platform!