Cherry Pie and other poems by Sally Warrell - review

Submitted by Thraves Thraveson on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 22:29

Cherry Pie is not a traditional English dish, nor are the poems in “Cherry Pie and other poems” traditional English poems, they are instead a very impressive collection of poems written by Sally Warrell, about life in the twenty-first century, I won't try to list the subjects covered, suffice to say that I have every confidence that any poetry lover will find poems in this collection worth their attention.

I would like to pick a poem to recommend to you, but every time I do, I find yet another one that I want to select, the only solution is to read them all, then you will find the one that means the most to you personally. I am sure you will find the experience rewarding.

Cherry Pie and other poems is published by Amazon readable on Kindle or via a free App for any smart-phone at just over £2.00

W. J. Thraveson-Lambert