PA Meeting September 2015

Submitted by Sally Warrell on Thu, 01/10/2015 - 21:18

This Tuesday fifteen of us were present to hear Mervynn Linford share some of his poems from his younger days, in richly textured language as always with vivid natural imagery.  After being celebrated in poetry Rob Lock accepted a gift of PBS membership in recognition of his seven years as Chair.  Of the poems that were read during the evening two were chosen to be heard again.  They were “Talking to the Bees” by Mervynn and “War Bride” by Rob Lock.  Next month our poet of the month will be Jenny Chantler

A big 'thank you' for the totally unexpected, and unlooked for, fuss and gift. It certainly turned into an evening to remember!  I will enjoy the books that come with membership as much, I'm sure, as I will now enjoy coming to PA meeetings simply for the pleasure of trying out new work, and appreciating what others have brought.  Thanks to Colin and the rest of the committee for making this possible.