Poetry Aloud venue is Risbygate Sports Club

Our meetings from 30th October 2018 will be at a new venue, Risbygate Sports Club, Westley Road, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3RR http://www.risbygatesportsclub.co.uk
There is very good parking close to the main entrance*. The bar is close by without being intrusively so and there are close and ample toilet facilities. The acoustic qualities of the room appear excellent too. 

The meeting will be at the same time 7.30pm and follow the normal open mic format. 
Here is link to directions on Google maps 

* Parking comes with an important safety etiquette. When entering or leaving the car park, there is a single track access road. If you find yourself advancing out of the club and a car enters, in order to avoid vehicles having to reverse onto the main road, the vehicle leaving is asked to reverse and give way.
Here is link to road view of club entrance as it can be easily missed 

Photo of club ground layout
risbygate sports club layout