Defence of Cats and Dogs by Colin Whyles

Submitted by Colin Whyles on Tue, 31/05/2011 - 21:30

Defence of Cats and Dogs

All you inclined to defend a cat
should pause and take a look at what
a cat will do when in a spat.

How deep its claws, unbidden, sink
into what is generally pink
before an eye can cast a blink.

See what its claws can devastate,
with which I would demonstrate
what's not a cat's to lacerate.

For those whose preference is a dog
may I suggest they think quite long
about the slobber on its tongue?

Or how the end that wags with joy
has not the common sense to avoid
the fragilities that it destroys?

The Royal Doulton pulverised,
takes shattered cut glass in its stride;
does not respect your battered pride.

A safer bet would be a fish;
at least if it didn't suit your wish
it could always grace your dish.

Copyright © 2011 Colin Whyles

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