"Living the Dream" at Thorpeness? - Victor Weston

Submitted by victor weston on Tue, 31/03/2015 - 21:30

"Living the Dream" at Thorpeness?

Are you man enough
Can you make the grade
Are you a born survivor
can you last
stay the course
survive the winter, here
Do you have enough
“toughness” in your genes?
Have you sufficient character?

it can be desperately isolating,
cold and wild.
It isn't easy
to fulfil this dream,
is it a pipe-dream?:
to stay, to live
to be, to exist
to cling on
at the edge, of this frontier 

confronting these elements
permanently immersed
In the grandeur
yet pitiless harshness.
You'd need the
fortitude of a fisherman
To be a man of steel
to find and to indeed to prove
you do have these resources

Yes It can be paradisal
- In summer
when the sky is blue
the sun warm
sea calm
and with sand between your toes
all may seem well,
But in the depths of
winter ...
now, there’s another story.

Copyright © 2015 Victor Weston

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