Philosophy by Colin Whyles

Submitted by Colin Whyles on Tue, 26/05/2009 - 21:30


You cleared the shelves of Philosophy
And burned them in a fire
You found the gods and goddesses
And built a funeral pyre
You sculpted the books of beauty
Into an agèd, scarred profile
With the queens of kings and the kings of queens
You built a regal house of cards

You found a book of proverbs
Broke every golden rule
But you could not help but give
The Book of the Dead the kiss of life
With the Book of Changes
You vowed to guide your time
Until the Book of Hours
Laid out a straighter line

You said youʼd live your days by chance
The way youʼd gained your life
No turn of page would predicate
The passing of your time

You searched for the perfect order
To stand the lovers on the shelf
You tried appliances of torture
To drive the chaos from yourself
But you couldnʼt face a future
Traced directly from the past
Neither could you see how
Familiarity breeds contentment

You said youʼd thrown the Book of Rules
Into the furnaces of Hell
Weʼll see which Realm sends you the call
Of the slowly tolling bell.

Copyright © 2005 Colin Whyles

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