"Sedges" Revisited October 3 2010 by Victor Weston

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"Sedges" revisited October 30 2010

I saw from the road
the old cherry tree
outside my bedroom window
– where my Mother used to live –

now hacked down
branches everywhere
leaves dying
the stump of the trunk still remaining
showing scars of
chopped off branches

The remaining loveliness
(of the garden)
that had dazzled and adorned
with such
profusion of blossom
it had
spoken of Eden
and ‟home”

on second glance
apple and pear trees also chopped,
with logs of wood scattering
the grass grown wild
from neglect and
lack of mowing;
the pampas grass still flowering, unperturbed

I peer through the clear glass of a locked front door
"God bless every corner of this home"
– Vicenteʼs glazed tile, a gift, remains affixed
to greet all who enter

and someone now at last is living here
I see round the corner
through the window –
my Motherʼs old chair
with unfamiliar furniture
is still in the room.

Copyright © 2010 Victor Weston

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