'The Splash' Talks - Cameron Hawke Smith

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'The Splash' Talks

Steeple Bumpstead, 2013

A dribble, a trickle, a tuppenny ha’penny
flash-in-the-pan of a stream,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
and yet I’m not what I seem!
Some call me The Splash
when they’re short of the cash
They’ll use me to wash down the van;
the dogs will swim in me, but by jiminy
They do not know who I am!
And most of the time I lay so quiet,
sober, thirsty and dry,
But then I’d up and there’d be a riot:
water, water up to the eyes,
Floods in the houses, a village tsunami,
and then I named my price!
One million, two million, three, no – four!
is the price to stop my anger,
Then I’ll behave, not crash through your door,
ruin your carpets, drown your hamster,
run amok like a ravenous beast.
I promise I’ll not behave like a gangster –
Well, for the moment at least!

pub. The Yellow Book, Steeple Bumpstead Parish Magazine May 2013

Copyright © 2013 Cameron Hawke Smith

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