John Meehan

Submitted by John Meehan on Tue, 06/09/2016 - 13:13

I recently moved to Norfolk from Dorset where I had lived for many years although I am from the North West originally.
I have written poetry for a long time but never really wanted to show anyone my work till I went to an open Mic night in Dorset and the comments I received after the event were so
inspirational that I began to write even more and joined a writing group also I continued to do open Mic Nights with Poetry On The Spot.
I recently went to Poetry Aloud where I was made most welcome and was able to read some of my poems.
I have also had some of my poems published in The Bury Free Press.
Looking forward to getting more involved in Suffolk Poetry Society and Poetry Aloud and more of my work being out there as I also hope to publish a book in the very near future.