Set Free by John Radford

Submitted by John Radford on Tue, 25/10/2016 - 19:30

Set Free

I once was so angry, tormented and sad,
dissatisfied with my life, and the things that I had.
There was no ambition of wealth, or great fame,
I had been through all that greed and I was left with the shame.
The good things of life came to no good at all,
They just raised me to a great height and then let me fall.
Many times I had fallen, a victim of life.
Tripped, deluded, and hammered by strife.
The anger that I saw burnt me, and the lies split my ears.
The bloodshed and suffering reduced me to tears.
All this senseless desperation echoed, and shook
my ears has they heard and my eyes as they looked.
With great despair in my heart, and fear flooding my brain,
I longed to escape these fetters and chains.
For they held and restricted my innermost need,
to be free as a bird, and to grow like a seed.
But how can I thrive and blossom as a rose,
if my mind has been poisoned and my heart left froze?
How can I give off a fragrance that is sweet?
If my life seems full of decay and deceit?
So with so many questions alive in my brain,
I sought for answers, something to explain.
But after asking and seeking and much searching about,
I was left with even more questions, confusion, and doubt.
Then, just when the questions seemed to be so in vain,
like an arrow to my heart an answer it came,
so swift and so sharp, well aimed, straight and true.
That despite my thick skin it found its way through.
Truth for my heart and my soul I did find,
that opened my eyes that once were so blind.
That truth brought with it a new breath of peace,
now my spirit once captive had found a release.
The hole that the arrow had pierced in my heart,
was filled with new blood, new life and a new start.
The love of God’s son now flowed in my veins,
releasing me from all my sadness and pains.
To knew that he suffered and died just for me,
and to know that He alone was the key.
To know that in Him I had found all in all,
was to be held in His arms and never left to fall.
To Him go the glory, all my honour and my praise.
To Him I give thanks all of my days.
I love Him so much and I know He loves me,
because he found and held me and set me free.

Copyright © 2016 John Radford

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