Born to Disappoint by Rob Lock

Submitted by Rob Lock on Tue, 27/09/2016 - 19:30

Born to Disappoint

There are parables about them,
the born to disappoint brigade,
rocky-soil-seedlings, taking off
well but falling away, never
living up to the promises
they seemed to be making in spring.

All that fading on the final lap,
quickly climbing to second
in command, then stalling.
Started so well in the juniors
but – you get the picture.

Probably got it before verse two
in fact – and that would be oh so
typical of them, the can’t-end-
on-a-high contingent.  Bathetic.

Does it start with the parent,
comparing them at three with them
at two, instead of like with like?

Nature or nurture?  Discuss.
Sown on rock, built on sand,

Not quite officer material.

Copyright © 2016 Rob Lock

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