Voices by John Radford

Submitted by John Radford on Tue, 29/11/2016 - 19:30


I hear voices rattling around in my brain,
haunting, and tempting, trying to drive me insane.
I don’t want to be fooled by them,
filling me with lies again and again.

The fear and confusion makes my heart pound like a drum,
I’m so worried and frustrated about what may, or may not come.
But I want to see life for what it really is and
be able to say “what is done is done.”

I’m so restless and hungry, I need some peace in my soul.
I feel lonely and abandoned, just like a little child’s rag doll.
I want to be loved and needed.
I want someone to fill my begging bowl!

Please, can anybody give me all these things that I need?
Will it cost me to have them, or will I have to die for them, or bleed?
I will do anything for them,
I would bow down at your feet and even plead.

Then I sense someone say that all I long for is free,
just there for the asking, but it’s totally up to me.
If I surrendered the chains of my old life,
I would receive in exchange, a key to liberty.

Exchange done, I still hear voices, but mere faint rattles in my brain,
still trying to haunt, and tempt me, still wanting me insane.
But I am not going to be fooled by them,
no more, no not never, ever again.

Copyright © 2016 John Radford.

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