It Is Written by John Radford

Submitted by John Radford on Tue, 29/11/2016 - 19:30

It Is Written

Dreams turn to dust, Idols only rust,
hopes lay on the floor, there must be something more.

Every lie ever told, every heart that turned cold,
every bit of hatred bred, every mouth that was never fed.
Every tear caused to fall, every hero hung on a wall
Every heart left broken, every word ever spoken,
Everyone who got left behind, everyone with an axe to grind,
Every curse from evil lips, every one held in grips
is written in the mind of God.
Every rule that had to bend, every hole that wouldn’t mend,
Every Judas kiss ever given, everyone never forgiven,
Every scream that fell on deaf ears, every person’s hopes and fears,
Every cost that was to pay, every second that slipped away,
every back that ever turned, every love that was ever spurned,
everyone who was called a fool, every back up against the wall
is written in the mind of God.
every poor soul abused, every trick ever used,
every choice ever made, every spade called a spade,
every political lie, every new born baby cry,
every wheel ever spun, every song ever sung,
every stone left unturned, every lesson ever learned
every letter ever wrote, every question and every quote,
is written in the mind of God.
Every birth and every death, every shout every breath,
Every heart and every soul, every piece and every whole,
Every woman and every man, every child since time began,
is written in the mind of God.
Naked and alone we all will stand, covered by a Father’s  hand,
everything that was, all gone, except the light that has always shone,
nothing below or above, just us suspended in His love,
we are written in the heart of God.

There is no need for dreams that turn to dust, or idols that only rust.
Our hopes and dreams lie in Him, we are heirs of that King.

Copyright © 2016 John Radford

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