An Autumn in Suffolk by Victor Weston

Submitted by victor weston on Tue, 29/11/2016 - 19:30

An Autumn in Suffolk

The rising sun is wakening this particular dawn, from the east
warming rays spread over gently sloping hills and vales,
Autumn's glad shine illumines trees copses hedging
in a myriad of russets yellows, gold
From so low on the horizon light beams intensely blindingly through,
silently silhouetting highlighting these forms still standing,
throwing dappled shadows that fall across dry country lanes
still as they have been, quiet byroads that wind, with leaves tumbling

connecting proximate local villages in the heart (of this scene).
An intimate intricate network plays across the County
Enabling contact with outside "relevance" more "contemporary" places,
and a wider world, with its urgent (and "desperate") needs.

Copyright © 2016 Victor Weston

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