On Visiting Castle Neuschwanstein - Victor Weston

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On Visiting Castle Neuschwanstein, The “Castle Of The Holy Grail”

During summer haymaking
in beautiful Bavaria
storks stand on harvested fields and fly above streams
A timeless legacy awaits
amongst lakes and forests

Behind this “attraction”
with the countless stream of visitors
lies an idea vital, empowering –
– of young who have not awakened,
of all who have lost the path

In despairing darkening days
when myths have been suppressed & lie forgotten
stands proud this significant monument:
today’s chaos is not the only reality,
it’s not always been this way

By “grace” speaks this invitation, from beyond
to enter freely, reconsider
the banal degradations and degeneracies,
aspire heavenwards to beauty, fulfilment
As a knight sets out on his quest for transfiguration

A hidden surreptitious dangerous task, not of this age,
obstacles present that would defeat hope –
– can be overcome by those stirred from within
as the King and his subjects may prove
here stands, or floats in the air, the Castle of the Grail

It is being cleaned now, stonework sandblasted
as if prepared for a new task
This no work of a madman, rather an edifice of a seer
articulating the aspirations of his people
and of divine kingship originating from above

Copyright © 2017 Victor Weston

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