Watchman - John Radford

Submitted by John Radford on Tue, 25/07/2017 - 19:30

As I emerged from the shadows
into the fullness of Love,
the shadows did not instantly disappear,
or everything suddenly fit just like a glove.

That Love shone in front of me,
showed me when to go, or stay.
But it didn’t make life, incredibly easier,
no matter what they say.

This is a road I have not journeyed,
I have only Love to hold my hand.
I go into unknown territory,
where I know, I need to make a stand.

It gets better as I begin to trust,
and keep holding on to the truth.
Stop worrying about consequences,
and always looking to find proof.

So I say “Tomorrow will be better than today,
because Love will always have its way”.
As long as I allow Love full control,
it will always be the watchman,
the watchman of my soul.

Copyright © 2017 John Radford

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