hey optic - Richard J Whiting

Submitted by R J Whiting on Tue, 25/07/2017 - 19:30

hey optic

   you gotta nerve
   do I deserve
   your infatuation
   with degeneration
   your gentle drive
   from two point five
   taking me
   towards a three
   on a mission
   with my field of vision
   click when you spot
   the shining dots
   cover the right
   try as you might
   to squint
   or blink
   what's the smallest line
   you can read just fine
   is it better without
   can you figure it out
   with this lens to the right
   here comes the light
   there's a deep black hole
   in the window of your soul
   major misnomer
   test for glaucoma
   ‘a small puff of air’
   recoil in your chair
   then walk of shame
   pick new frames
   fresh prescription
   brief description
   vari or bi
   give ‘em a try
   mince pies
   what a thrill
   here’s the bill
   easy for me
   the letters I see
   are O M G !

Copyright © 2017 Richard J Whiting

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