The Four Horsemen by Ian Speed

Submitted by Ian Speed on Tue, 27/02/2018 - 19:30

The Four Horsemen
 - pestilence, war, famine, death

jarring sounds - not easy on the ears,
these harsh tumultuous cacophonies,
death knells - heralding the four riders.

First Rider:
The clattering is of iron-clad wheels
bouncing over slippery stone cobbles-
humanity's heavy laden death-wagon
is nearing it's final dropping-off point.

Second Rider:
The cleaving is of society - into parts:
those travelling in guarded isolation
and those being mercilessly hounded
through grief stricken pain ridden lives.

Third Rider:
The crushing is of every life-kernel
of the lost-in-transit stateless others:
neither a way forward nor a way back-
just dig your grave where you stand.

Fourth Rider:
The cracking is of glaciers splitting
and calving into our globally warmed
plastic polluted soon to die oceans:
rising seas may yet rescue planet earth.

Notes on the Four Horsemen:
First rider, white horse, pestilence.
Second rider, red horse, war.
Third rider, black horse, famine.
Fourth rider, pale horse, death.


Copyright © 2018 Ian Speed

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