Lost Time Regained by Ian Speed

Submitted by Ian Speed on Tue, 31/07/2018 - 19:30

Lost Time Regained

A new and developing story today
capturing the planet's attention.

A discovery in a Canadian archive
has electrified the literary world.

After one hundred and thirteen years
the search for lost time is now over.

A film of Marcel Proust
has been discovered-
the only existing footage
of the Madeleine man himself.

He is descending a stairway,
a guest at
a friend's daughter's wedding,
wearing a bowler hat
and a pearl-grey,
yes a pearl grey formal suit
and moving very quickly;
clip lasts only three seconds-
lucky the camera caught him-
short but priceless bridging
of lost time - now regained.

Copyright © 2018 Ian Speed

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