Proofreading – Colin Whyles

Submitted by Colin Whyles on Tue, 29/01/2019 - 19:22

As I looked down at your ashes
I saw only your scattered dreams;

Now that only your silence speaks
I gather together your story lines
to unfold your history,
turn and twist it into shape,
teasing the syntax of the discrepancies.

It is hard to proofread your life:
each passage lacks commas,
full-stops, phrasing,
paragraphs embracing phases.

Events tumble into each other,
lacking definition;

I work through, adding commas
to each hesitation,
blackening full-stops at each fracture:
each new chapter,
trying to find a continuity, a thread:

Trying to make sense of it all:
Your short story that should have been a novel.


Copyright © 2nd December 2018 Colin Whyles