Blanket – Colin Whyles

Submitted by Poetry Aloud on Sun, 24/02/2019 - 20:33

You could reach through
this thin blanket of soil,
that will barely keep you warm
through the coming winter months,
and touch me;
hold my hand and draw life from me
into your collapsed veins.

I will not wear the darkness you stare into:
you would not recognise me;
I will wear the colours you knew:
purples, greens, pinks, blues:
colours to cheer your still heart.

Memories of you will still beat
and breathe inside me,
even if new love joins them;
‘Infinite love’ is what it says:

New love can stand with old
and both be as precious.

Never forget me:
I will not forget you.


Copyright © 2nd December 2018 Colin Whyles