Nakedness – Colin Whyles

Submitted by Poetry Aloud on Sun, 24/02/2019 - 20:41

You appeared before me
one of life’s deep, unique complexions;
beyond all understanding
of how this synthesis,
this intricacy,
was woven
from a single cell
through time’s slow accumulation
into a quilt so decorous,
tangible, sensuous,

Yet your essence flowed over it
as a fragile gossamer
that I could kiss through
to your soul.

Then, as you slid into the half-light evening
in the late autumn nakedness,
I watched your colours fade;

You disappeared from view:
a monochrome TV turning off,
the cathode’s ray collapsing
into its white-hot black hole
from which there is no escape.

So quickly your life’s edifice, hard-won,
was reduced to a few handfuls of ashes.


Copyright © 5th December 2018 Colin Whyles