Baring All by Rob Lock

Submitted by Rob Lock on Tue, 30/07/2013 - 21:30

Baring All

Back in the day we took to the stage
with a flourish, you know?
and put on a show:
we entertained - no bones, no strings –

teasingly, pleasingly, drawing attention
to what we were doing,
all part of the wooing;
then we flung our adverbs into the wings.

We’d paint vivid pictures
till, with a knowing hug,
nonchalant shrug, deft little tug:
we dropped our adjectives onto to the floor.

We used repetition to build
to a climax.
Now rhyme’s axed
and it’s not like it was any more.

There are nods and some winks
but we’re plainer,
much more direct.
It’s not like it was any more.

Copyright © 2013 Rob Lock

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