Don't Leave Flowers by Colin Whyles

Submitted by Colin Whyles on Thu, 27/11/2008 - 20:30

Don't Leave Flowers

Donʼt leave flowers where I die
If you wonʼt leave flowers where I was born
If you wonʼt mark the place
Or the time my eyes opened
Donʼt leave flowers where I die

I ask you to look at what Iʼve done
And not dream of what I might have been
Trace the hard-fought steps of every journey
Never mind my eyes have closed
Donʼt leave flowers where I die

Value each step that you take
On the voyage you take to your goal
Treasure the places you leave behind
I wonʼt leave flowers where you die

Why mark the place that I die
But not mark the place where I began
Nor signal my greatest achievements
But simply flag my greatest error
Don't leave flowers where I die.

Copyright © 2008 Colin Whyles

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