Tim by Rob Lock

Submitted by Rob Lock on Tue, 23/02/2016 - 19:30


You're in Uganda to marry Dorees
who's pregnant with your child,
who was sent to Jersey to stay
with her sister and brother-in-law –
some in the family say to hook
a rich husband but found you instead –
whose own family are not amused
at her condition, so you've gone there
to do the old-fashioned decent thing
until it's discovered you haven't brought
a baptism certificate, and when
you phone and ask about a copy
my sister explains it's not that simple –
first you have to be baptised, Tim,
and though you are willing to say
whatever is required, time
is running out, and her family
become less amused by the minute
so what you post on Facebook is:
Even though its raining and misrable
The birds are still singing their songs
And I'll take after them today.

Copyright © 2016 Rob Lock

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