How we roll

We meet at Oakes Barn, St Andrews Street South, Bury St. Edmunds, IP33 3PH, on the third Tuesday of each month except December, when there is no meeting. We begin at 19:30 and aim to finish at 21:30.The usual form of the meeting is that each poet gets to read two poems in the first half of the meeting, we then break for refreshments and reassemble for the second set. Everyone then gets to read a third poem.

No-one is obliged to read a total of three poems. If you only have one or two then that is fine.

We do not read to themes. You are free to read about whatever you wish as long as it conforms to our values.

We sometimes vary the routine by allocating someone to be Poet-of-the-Month. They get a 10-minute reading slot at the beginning of the second half. The Poet-of-the-Month is chosen at the end of the previous month’s meeting.

Once or twice a year we have a visiting guest poet, who might also be invited to provide a workshop at a later time.

The group is non-critical, and all forms of poetry are enjoyed. This allows a relaxed atmosphere where poets can present their poems with no form of redress! However, spontaneous comment is welcome.

Not everyone submits their poems to this website, it is entirely up to each poet to judge its merits. We record every meeting simply so that we have the audio if someone wishes to have their poem presented here. Otherwise our promise is that the recordings will never surface!

We also enjoy working as a group to produce a performance for the Suffolk Poetry Society Festival of Suffolk Poetry each year. See the SPS website for details.

We charge £2 entry fee, which pays for this website and an occasional special event, such as a guest poet or workshop.

You can contact us through the contact form on this website (top right).

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