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About Compassion

Asylum Seeker

Becoming Mother

About Compassion
Give her a break
why don't you?
She's always here
to answer your call
twenty-four seven,
come rain or shine,
in sickness and in health,
till death you do part.

She does her best for you,
pushes you onwards,
helps you pick yourself up
when you are down.
Where do you think
your strength comes from
if not from her and she
will always be here?

She will always be here
and if you let her
she will always love you,
always treat you with kindness.
Just like you she didn't
live up to expectations,
but like you she is good
enough, as good as gold.

Copyright © 2018 Sally Warrell
About Compassion read by Sally Warrell
Asylum Seeker
Your papers are not in order:
You do not have the necessary papers.
You must be sent back from B to A.

But if you have no papers
You cannot return to A.
A cannot accept you nor B.

You must orbit the world
Without a home,
Never setting down,

Or you must go underground,
On the run.
No papers: no questions asked.

Copyright © 2010 Sally Warrell
Asylum Seeker read by Sally Warrell
Becoming Mother
A young person old age has happened to,
You come towards me with uncertain gait,
And always I see your mother in you;
The mother you hoped not to emulate.
Yet like your mother you'll stay up till three
To complete a task that could be made wait.
"You're not a finisher," you say of me.
I'm someone else another size and shape;
A taller woman of a different hue,
Who has sewed a seam but chooses now instead
To make no cakes nor any Irish stew,
But cook with words, with poets break my bread.
Me to you, I'm the apple to your pear:
I can never be you and so forbear.

Copyright © 2013 Sally Warrell
Becoming Mother read by Sally Warrell

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