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Thoughts of a Nosy Bugger


She clutched her dolly in the dark
Shapes in the shadows looming
It was not they that caused the fright
She had to live through every night
Back then she didn’t know just why
Her daddy made her mummy cry

Sometimes her mum came to the room
To pacify the trembling child
With whisky splashed upon her dress
She held her in a fond caress
Yet still within those early years
She didn’t know what caused Mum’s tears

As time passed by with adolescence near
And troubled still she had more curious grown
Until one night she listened, heard and knew
Just what it was her mum was going through
For what is now quite rightly classed as crime
Was swept under the carpet at that time

Henceforth she tried to help when things got bad
Which meant they both endured the drunken wrath
But now she had her own sorrow to bear
A sense of loss to personal to share
For thus was formed the template of her life
She knew that she could never be a wife

Now, decades on, her ma has passed away
At peace at last in heaven with the Lord
As for the girl, though life survived
Of married joy she’s been deprived
A spinster now – alone she sleeps
While in her dreams her mum still weeps

Copyright © 2008 Barry Gardner

A misty morning cold and bright
Chased off the bleakness of the night
Revealing a new December day
To those who slithered or wondered,
Flew or crawled around the river bank
Where he, lonely, rambled among briar and bramble

Yet knowing it made little sense
He vainly clung to the pretence
That still somehow he’d find the one
His life to share, alas -
He knew not when or where

Till sauntering on and so forlorn
His jacket caught upon a thorn
Then disentangling in the haze he realised
That on such days a wondrous beauty there reveals
Enhanced beneath God’s heavenly shroud.

He’s surveyed scenery from afar before
And often stood aghast
It’s splendour masking nearby treasures
Thus dismissed too fast
Like the power of the gossamer wing,
The wonder of the fin and feather
And the intricate forms of flora and fauna
Like the powerful kaleidoscope of colour
And the multitudinous shapes and structures
of all living things
Like the existential coalescence
of animal, vegetable and mineral

‘Cos at times we look too far and wide
And sometimes even strain our eyes
To see what’s on the other side
Of hedge or stream
When fog descends we should instead
Indulge in its capacity
To clarify close tapestry
Not wonder, perchance to dream

‘Twas at this point thus prompted
By the vagaries of weather
Our lovelorn rambler in a flash
Twinned sight and plight together
So too it is with love he then perceived
Too long some chase their fantasies
Remaining blindly oblivious
To the patently obvious -
The magical complexity of emotion seemingly
Constrained by boxes to be ticked
Its enchantment imprisoned grid-like
Its comfort suppressed, its grace unrecognised

With soul now free and enlightened
By such abject visibility
His mind, as with his eyes
Acknowledging this late acceptance
Our loner sensed his prospects soar
Scurrying home in haste - no time to waste
He proposed to the woman next door

(She listened intently then gave a scoff
Before telling him to bugger off)

Copyright © 2008 Barry Gardner
Thoughts Of A Nosy Bugger

Why do they fascinate me so
these people I don’t even know?

I don’t mean the whole populace
Who make up this vast human race

These unknown friends of whom I speak
Are here at Tescos every week

Take that old man by the flower stall
He asks advice of one and all

Is he buying for his one and only?
My guess is that he’s sad and lonely

And that old pair I usually see
She’s here today but where is he?

I can’t help wondering where he’s gone
Maybe the poor old chap’s passed on

Those two over there by the Dream Topping
Look too excited to just be shopping

They look to me like eager lovers
With a weekend planned beneath the covers

Whether they’re married I can’t say
But I reckon that they’re playing away

Over there’s that woman with the big car
Who gives her kids a chocolate bar

“Do you want this one?” I hear her saying
But has she any thoughts of paying?

I can’t see that nice old girl today
Perhaps she’s gone with friends to stay

And where’s that young good looking tottie
On some beach in Lanzarotti?

There’s that poor chap with the nagging wife
She certainly brings him trouble and strife

If what she want’s not in the store
It seems to make her nag him more

Watching and wonderings’s so much fun
But it’s hard to get my shopping done

It’s amazing I take all this in
And not forget my bloody PIN!

That lady’s gone from the end till
I hope she’s not in hospital

The bloke who is there’s old and grumpy
While the girl behind him’s fat and frumpy

But I shouldn’t comment in this light
‘Cos I don’t know what’s caused their plight

Outside some kids skate on the forecourt
Harassing customers without a forethought

I wonder as the streets they roam
What sort of time they have at home

All these folks so oft I’ve seen
But where do they go in between?

Are they happy, healthy, lonely, sad
I ponder on what lives they’ve had

These people week-on-week I see
I don’t know them, they don’t know me

Copyright © 2008 Barry Gardner


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