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The Smell In The Fridge

Cycladic figure


Somnolent he said portentously
Licking over the word with satisfaction
Som No Lent intoning syllables
As the biro gouged the newspaper
Triumphing its progress in blue
With a business like flick and rustle
He settled down to the next clue
Something O something something
T something  I something something
He grunts and rustles and flicks
A hint to the room at large
I think it's time for a Cup of Tea
He orders distraction.

Copyright © 2012 Diana Banks
The Smell in the Fridge

Something infuses
The collection of jars growing
New contents to fill the space

It permeates the blue cheese
Greening at the edges
The solidifying takeaway

It embraces rubberising carrots
As the capsicum frowns at
Liquidising salad leavings

Sour and hardening leftovers
Transubstantiate as they
Await absolute consumption

Or damnation

Copyright © 2014 Diana Banks
The Smell in the Fridge read by Diana Banks
Cycladic figure
(2700 - 2400 BC, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts)

You fold your arms
About yourself although
There is no bloating
From a feast or rotund
Expectation to protect

Clutching your flat self you wait
Knees slightly bent
Balanced on the toe tips of your
Slightly splayed out feet
Ankles together

Chin up on your protracted neck
Back straight nose central
Expressionless and blind
Two parsimonious bumps
Cradled by those folded arms

You lack a mouth but speak
What time do you call this then
(but in Neolithic Greek).

Copyright © 2014 Diana Banks
Cycladic Figure read by Diana Banks

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