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Thraves Thraveson





You gave me your courage
and took away my fear
with you nothing was impossible
together we swam the deepest seas
and raised our children
together we climbed the highest mountains
and built our home.

The life we lived together
Full of laughter and music
Full of love and light
Was a lifetime in itself
Nothing came before and nothing after

No hill too steep to climb
No sea too deep to swim

But when it came to dying
You still had courage enough
For both of us
Now, left on my own
Your courage will sustain me
until the end of life.

Copyright © 2011 Thraves Thraveson

Donʼt mess with the messenger
Cut to the chase
Run with the hare
Look luck in the face
Take it for granted
And go with the flow
The ones with the knowledge
Are the ones in the know

Donʼt war with the warrior
Bend with the bow
Move along quickly
Or go with the slow
Run with the runners
And flee with the foe
Where ever youʼre going
Thatʼs where I will go

Take tea with the teacher
Look up to the star
Donʼt look behind you
Be where you are
Ignore good advice
Read chapter and verse
Wherever you start
Youʼll end up the worse.

Copyright © 2011 Thraves Thraveson
Advice read by Thraves Thraveson

I'm not surprised you couldn't sleep last night,
what did you think that you were doing?
Running around inside my head, all night
you kept us both awake, now I'm a ruin

I need my sleep, and you need yours as well
so please tonight, make sure your eyes are closed
and you are sleeping soundly so that I
can get some rest, this tiredness to dispose.

You say you didn't sleep too well, oh yeah
you were too busy keeping me awake
so close your eyes and get some rest please do
give me some peace, for love and pity's sake.

If nocturnal wanderings excite you
and if my mind is where you'd like to be
there I'll make a space for you for ever
where you and I as one will always be.

Copyright © 2011 Thraves Thraveson
Sleeplessness read by Thraves Thraveson

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