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John Radford


The clock keeps ticking,
It’s getting late.
It don’t stop,
it won’t wait.
A minute to an hour,
hours into a day.
Morning or night,
it ticks away.

Time rolls on.
Time flies,
how time flies.

You can’t roll back years,
or travel through time.
You can’t add to yours,
by stealing from mine
Is the clock on your side?
Or do, you against it race?
Do you want to cut off its hands
and disfigure its face?

Time still rolls on.
Time still flies,
it still flies

That clock is still ticking.
Does it drive you mad?
Is it stealing away,
all the time that you had?
You have to do something,
and do it soon.
Before that clock in your chest,
stops beating life’s tune.

Because time will roll on.
Time will fly,
time will fly.

Copyright © 2017 John Radford
Time read by John Radford
Mistaken Identity

Every time you look at me,
it must be a case of mistaken identity,
and every way that you are to me,
seems like a case for mistaken identity.

I don’t feel worthy of all your care.
Why do you stand by me? You are always there?
You treat me better than I ever earned,
like I have more knowledge than I have ever learned.
You think my heart is so warm and nice,
but sometimes it has been hard as a rock and as cold as ice.
You catch my tears, and then you dry my eyes,
even though my life was filled with hate and lies.
You calm me down when I feel I’m going to blow.
Why do you do all this? Hey! It is me you know!

Every time you look at me
I am sure it is mistaken identity,
and every way that you are to me,
is it a case of mistaken identity?

You pick me up every time I fall,
and listen out for me every time that I call.
You provide for me everything that I need,
you removed my selfishness and greed.
Then you held me in your arms and said it will be ok,
although I kicked and screamed, and wanted my own way.
You healed my hurts that were deep inside,
you dealt with my bad attitude and my pride.
Now I am loved from my head, down to my toe.
I love what you do but it is me you know.

Each time you look at me,
I know it cannot be a case of, mistaken identity,
and every way that you are to me,
is because you are helping me take on, my true identity.

Copyright © 2016 John Radford
Mistaken Identity read by John Radford
Breaking Heart
I am papering over the cracks,
in the walls of my heart.
Trying to cover up,
and hide the fractured part.
But before too long,
the gaps show through.
I can’t disguise them anymore,
just don’t know what to do.
Oh! my breaking heart.
I know you can see my breaking heart.
You could ease the pain,
help put it together again.
My breaking heart!

Those cracks keep coming,
each day there are more.
I don’t know what causes them.
Inside I am so sore.
I feel more vulnerable,
each time another one appears.
I have even more pain,
with floods and floods of tears.
I have now run out of paper,
so the cracks are all on show.
Seems just a few more,
then my heart is going to blow.
Please won’t you help me?
Before it’s  too late.
I know it’s only you,
who can put this matter straight.
I thought you took some time,
that you weren’t going to show,
but I can feel you repairing me inside
and that’s really good to know.
I’m going to be as good as new.
No one else could have done this.
It could only have been you! Thank you.

Oh! my breaking heart.
You saw my breaking heart.
You stopped the constant pain,  
put it back together again!
Now, it’s just like a brand new heart!

Copyright © 2017 John Radford
Breaking Heart read by John Radford

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