Michael Shinn

The Scarf


The Old Question

The Scarf

just think that every day she knits that scarf for me
but that putting the best of me into each stitch
she knits a millstone for me

Copyright © 2009 Michael Shinn
The Scarf read by Michael Shinn

To fully press the flower of their kiss
Requires that time be put on hold, so they
Hold on. The gateman rattles wards at this
Contempt, and words: 'Late, and you'll lose a day.'
They break, she for home, he into the wire
Where, stripped as for his lover, he will bend
For the confiscators, then never tire
Of telling petals till his trials end.
But you, bed-bound and blind, earn no home leave,
However innocent, condemned to browse
On the catalogues of flowers that we've
Pressed between us. And yet we still arouse
Fresh mounds of violets till they expose
Again the fragrant, frequent, full-blown rose.

Copyright © 2009 Michael Shinn
Pressing read by Michael Shinn
The Old Question

sleeping under this sheet
that's shroud to sweet dream and nightmare
should I wake you
make you emerge
to this suffocating fixity

Copyright © 2009 Michael Shinn
The Old Question read by Michael Shinn

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