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The Fairie Lake @IckworthNT


‘Mystical Triangulation’ at Thorpeness 5th September 2013

The Fairie Lake @IckworthNT

It is hidden, separate, apart:
wandering down the long track
nurdling into a deep wood with its shrivelight streaming
through green canopied trees
is exciting vital alive

Now lit full-on in bright summer sun, now receding into dullness
flashing backwards and forwards
on and off wards
birds chanting heavenwards
and a cuckoo sings

downwards winding
through white clusters of elderflowers and honeysuckle
whose aromatic sweetness infuses the air
The brightness intensifies
An opening appears in the oakwood

Where through reeds and yellow flagged iris
the fairy lake rests hidden,
fringed with yellow pond lilies
a shimmering stillness, but for coot and moorhen with their young
and the occasional fish jumping

None dare confess as to what there may be, unexpressed
here in origin man made
a dammed stream
with once an ornamental boathouse
memories lie forgotten of what once was

There remains a presence
Still waters reflecting the sky
depths unreachable, unfathomable
More than nature has reclaimed this place
dancing elementals fill the air

Copyright © 2017 Victor Weston

I am alone but not alone
in solitude yet perfectly serene
isolated offshore on an island
garlanded by trees
graced by bluebell glades
adorned by headlands of gorse
with heady perfume
far from the mainland
yet there it remains
visible, from whence Iʼve come;
silence but for birdsong and the buzzing of bees
a gentle breeze
‟be still and know”
the still small voice is speaking.

Copyright © Victor Weston 2012
Solitude read by Victor Weston
"Mystical triangulation" Thorpeness 5th September 2013

On entering the sea at dawn
the self breaks a mythical surface
of liquid gold
eastwards the limit of the horizon
above the steadily rising orb of radiating sun

All creatures present greet the drama
cormorants fly across in black silhouette
rabbits risen from their burrows
as in prayer face the light
bass sole and jellyfish lie motionless

bathers robed arrive in silence
others stand at the water's edge
seeking to connect with the
unifying midpoint of all things,
for an instant a piece of the eternal

Returning to the shore one’s own shadow precedes
into an approaching day.

Copyright © 2013 Victor Weston

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