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Just A Thought


As I am going away,
Perhaps never to return
Some words I would say
If only to let you know
My feelings today.

Thanks for the bike,
Which caused so much pain
As I fell from the saddle
Again and again.

It became my white charger
As I rode through the street,
The envy of children with
No shoes on their feet.

Thanks for the childhood
You helped me enjoy
The fishing, the dog
Each Christmas a toy

Now the ship has sailed
And the quayside is dim.
I never did tell how much
I loved him.

Copyright © 2008 Reg Wright

What are you on?
I donʼt know yet
Maybe a Yankee
Or a Trixy will do
Or even a Heinz
What about you?

I thought Canadian
And then I could see
It might be better
With a lucky sixty three

Patent is good
The best you can get
Exacta maybe better
Iʼm not sure yet

Goliath is eight
Yap is just four
Up and down is two
You donʼt need anymore

Tell you what
Meet me at one
Then we can see
Just how they run

Cacophony of sound
Cries of evens
Seven to two
Five to four
Honest Joe
Stands his ground
Promises to offer more

On the rails large
Bets are set
Controls the price
that we can get

If you knew
How the system works
Youʼd keep the money in your purse
And think of buying
Better things
Than lose your money
In the ring.

Copyright © 2008 Reg Wright
Just A Thought

Did you wonder, as you past this way,
Would you pass this way again.
Did you wonder, if those two lions
Looking so benign gave any hint
Of what was to come,
When you were in the line

Did you think, on the whistleʼs
shrill command,
Go forward to be shot, or if not,
Stand to be shot by comrades on demand
Of those in bunkers far behind.

Weʼll never know how your body fell
Or where you now lie
But we will lay a poppy here
By the Menin Gate
Shed a tear for your memory
And go upon our way
To wonder why our young men
Are still sacrificed today.

Copyright © 2008 Reg Wright
Just a Thought read by Reg Wright

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