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Exile Reflects

Am I Kidding?


Exile Reflects 

Here’s a toast to old Ireland
As we face the Autumn day,
Here’s a toast to old Ireland
Our homeland far away.

And great though this land maybe
With its forests lakes and falls,
Our hearts are home in old Ireland
And each day we hear her call.

The Maple Leaf has succoured
And give us our new start.
With bounty all around us
There’s still a heavy heart.

We’ll carve a land from wilderness,
Where all men shall be free.
And from all nations they will come
To raise their family.

And Ireland will be a memory
A sad thought now and then.
Our hearts still there,
But we’ll not see her again.

Copyright © 2009 Reg Wright
Exile Reflects read by Reg Wright
Am I Kidding?

I am not a rich man,
With treasure stored away.
And yet, I feel I am rich
As I greet each brand new day.

The millionaire from his penthouse
Can view the morning sun.
I from my humble yard
Share the very same one.

The rich man drives a Bentley,
Merc, or Rolls Royce
Only one at a time
I don’t have much choice
But my little Ford Cortina
Get’s me there just fine.

No yacht or plane have I
But then, I’m not so sure
I really want to fly,
Or sail on windy sea
I’m sure that’s not for me.
So you see my friend
I sit here on the river bank
Drowning a worm or two.

I would not swap
Or want to be a millionaire
Like you

I must stop dreaming.

Copyright © 2008 Reg Wright
Am I Kidding? read by Reg Wright

Something of a Surprise
And yet it should not have
Been something of a surprise
Because I was expecting it
Therefore to be surprised
Was surprising

Copyright © 2008 Reg Wright


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