#Me Neither by Rob Lock

Rob Lock

#Me Neither

Six of us together:
three women of a certain age –
buddies of old – along with
their final (here’s hoping)
life partners, when, in the fullness
of time, the talk turned
to estate agents,
and one that the others
all knew from way back –
pillar etc. – who, it transpired,
had propositioned two
of those now present,
but not ‘my’ – can I say ‘my’? –
my Liz, and to my surprise

before I felt glad, I was –
on her behalf – momentarily,
miffed. She later confirmed
a fleeting concurrence.
That evening I found myself
thinking of how, in my youth,
I’d only once – so far as I
could tell – been fancied by
(as we said then) “one of them”.
And never Mrs Robinsoned.
Was I not good-looking enough?
Too obviously, horribly, ordinary?
That’s when my love and I
started the movement.

Copyright © August 2020 Rob Lock
#Me Neither read by Rob Lock

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