The Season of Change by Michele Poole

Michele Poole

The Season of Change

The Season of Change

Butterflies emerge from an elongated siesta,
shorebirds fly to warmer environments,
snails track their way steadily, devouring, 
bingeing the harvest.

I watch the face in my mirror, what do I see, 
someone who is older, yet wiser and greyer, 
as the years whoosh past, the spider is 
spinning its web.

Daffodils, Tulips wake up after weeks of winter, 
Wildflowers spring up from seeds, tossed by 
the wind, landing wherever they please. 
Bees are bustling.

Running around the greenness of the park, 
I feel like a bird, flying, trying to be free, 
an adolescent, taking its first flight, excited 
to be amongst nature.

The bottle-brush tree is flourishing new shoots, 
my lungs are expanding, my heart is stronger, 
I may look like a senior, but this is my 
season of change.

Copyright © 2020 Michele Poole

Michele Poole is a freelance writer and a poet. In 2019 she won runner-up in the poetry-comp. about Refugees. She currently works as a Flash Fiction Reader for FFM. In her spare time, she loves getting down-to-earth by growing her own food, running after her quails and cats. Michele lives in Melbourne, Australia. You can see more of her work at

A benefit of the coronavirus pandemic has been that since the Poetry Aloud meetings have been held online, poets have been able to join us who could not otherwise.

Michele Poole has joined us from Melbourne, Australia, so we welcome her as an honorary Suffolk poet, as she has read her poems (virtually) in Suffolk, UK!


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