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Johnny One Shoe


Percy’s Secret Pigs

Johnny One Shoe

Doorbell rings
Who can it be?
Oh! Itʼs our neighbour from 43
Exchange niceties
About the weather
‟Quite cold today” I remark
‟Changeable as ever”

Although sheʼs charming
And quite discreet
I notice she keeps looking down at my feet

Curiosity wins
Downward glance
Maybe itʼs something to do with my stance?

Nothing that I can see!

So what is it thatʼs drawing attention?
And sheʼs far too polite to mention
Another glance might explain
Her looking me up and down again

So I look a little longer
This time I decide to ponder
Sure enough! As I stare
On my feet thereʼs not a pair

They donʼt match
Theyʼre not the same colour
Shoe on left foot
Slipper on the other

No! I didnʼt buy them
From one of the well known stores
And, guess what! You wonʼt be surprised to know
Iʼve got another pair like these indoors.

Copyright © 2009 John Snell

When all the tears have fallen
And smiles are in their place
When all the problems of the world
Have left the human race

When all the homeless in the world
Have found a place to sleep
And all the thirsty and hungry
Given something to drink and eat

When all the disillusioned
Find purpose in their lives
And all the angry and insecure
Can put away their knives

When all those on drugs and drink
To help them through their day
Seek help from those around them
To find a better way

When politicians realise
They too can play their part
Not just speak the words from their heads
But rather from their heart

When the world continues to look with pride
If youʼre rich and greedy
Instead of how much you chose to give
To the poor and needy

When sickness is mere history
And thereʼs an end to pain
Then the whole world can rejoice
And be what it should be again

When all these changes come to pass
Iʼm sure Iʼll want to smile
But Iʼve got a feeling in my heart
It wonʼt be for a little while

Copyright © 2009 John Snell
Percy's Secret Pigs

"Whatʼs that noise coming from Percyʼs shed?"
I asked my Mum one day
I think she knew all along
But didnʼt like to say
"I think he must be doing something"
She said, rather than be upfront
"Surely someone ought to help him” I reply
"Cos I can hear the occasional grunt"

Iʼve seen him carrying bags of something
All the way down to the shed
Looking like Father Christmas
Without a hat on his head

I didnʼt know what was in the bags
But I had a good idea
So for now Iʼll keep it under wraps
And go by what I hear

The grunt didnʼt sound that human to me
Animalistic I think
And thatʼs another question I asked
Who is creating all that stink?

If itʼs Percy whoʼs responsible
Iʼm sure the doc must have a cure
To me it smells like something familiar
Yes! More like farmyard manure

I notice heʼs put a light in the shed
And is out there in the middle of the night
I wouldnʼt have known he was there
But strange noises woke me up with a fright

And why is he digging his garden?
At two oʼclock in the morn
Iʼve noticed heʼs always out there
But goes in just before dawn

His veggies are always superior to ours
And Iʼve often wondered why
He has two foot long parsnips
And runner beans ten feet high

Once in a while Iʼm woken up
By a lorry, and a lot of grunts and squeals
Looking closer I spy four legged animals
Being loaded onto these wheels

Unless Iʼm mistaken, Percy
They look like pigs to me
I know the light is not very good
But good enough for me to see!

You know you shouldnʼt keep them
Iʼm sure the council will create merry hell
But donʼt worry, as long as the occasional leg of pork comes our way
Weʼre certainly not going to tell

Copyright © 2009 John Snell

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