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Ode to Gordon


The Arc

Ode to Gordon

Ocean apart, warming smile
Knowing we had to wait a while
We start to chat to pass the day
Families, Governments and all they say
On and on and on we spoke
Twinkling eye and many a joke
Our love of words and of writing
We both found it quite exciting
To leave behind something of us
Without wanting to make a fuss
We simply take out paper and pen
To write down what, where and when
The special times that meant so much
The kindly word, the gentle touch
Weʼll soon be nearing journeys end
Itʼs been a joy for me to spend
Some time with you, a nationʼs treasure
It has given me so much pleasure.

Copyright © John Snell 2010

Deafening chatter, but no matter
Eager anticipation, pride of the nation
Bringing sensation
To eagerly awaiting ears
Musicians slowly take their place
Becoming as one with instruments
Those vary in shape and size
Differing sounds
Can be heard
Above ever increasing, unbelievable audience noise
As if joining in the battle to be heard
How long will this go on?
Eardrums suffering
Then as if turned by a switch
Silence and order returns
Announcing the arrival of the main man
Once again noise returns
But this time adoration, salutation
Warm greetings, expectation
Baton aloft
As we commence our journey to another place
More memorable than one can imagine
And never wants to return from

Copyright © John Snell 2010
The Arc 

Just been up the Arc
To see my old mate Noah
They tell me what heʼs done is amazing
Iʼd never been up there before
Heʼs built a lot of shops on deck
Done a beautiful job
Donʼt know from whom he got the money
Must have cost him a few bob!
Thereʼs one particular store
Must have had a lot of money to spend
It looks like a carbuncle
With a plaster on the end
It also resembles a UFO
Wonder what planet itʼs from?
Looking closely there are no green men
Just statues with skimpy clothes on
The biggest disappointment!
The animals I did not see
But it was 4 oʼclock in the afternoon
They were probably having their tea
I did see the occasional dog
Taking his master for a walk
Joan stood outside one of the stores
Giving an inspiring talk
Saw nothing of the elephants
Or the mess they leave behind
There were several shoppers with buckets and spades
Didnʼt appear to mind
Being used to do a big clean up
After the animals have had their feed
You should see the size of the elephantʼs dung
And where the lions have weeʼd.

But I did enjoy the afternoon
Visiting my best mateʼs Arc
Just as well we walked up though
Couldnʼt see anywhere to park
Thereʼs supposed to be a park and ride
Donʼt know if itʼs true, or a tale
But if itʼs not there fairly soon
Noah tells me the Arc will set sale!

Copyright © John Snell 2010

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